Friday, August 5, 2011

Web Originals Horror Shorts

Web Originals
or Web Television

Currently the concept of web originals have expanded earlier people thought internet would not take over T.V.
It still hasn't but catching up, thanks to video hosting websites like Youtube.

Recently Mortal Kombat: Legacy concluded with uploading of the ninth and final episode on Machinima's youtube page.

If you haven't seen this series then you should its awesome and to my knowledge one of the best web original.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy was produced by WB with a good budget.
But is that all, aren't there anymore good shows or shorts on youtube that is not comedy.
And there are many youtube users and studio with good quality humor videos.

But what about us, those who like a little violence, horror and action.
I am sure there are many people thinking that.

The answer yes there are not as grand as Mortal Kombat: Legacy with high budget but still pretty decent.

I will list some of them here:

I will not include any spoilers in these post so I will keep details about the stories to the minimum.

Firstly I would like to list and animated adaptation of 'The Statement of Randolph Carter'.
The Statement of Randolph Carter is a short horror story written by horror master H.P. Lovecraft, currently this short is in public domain so you can read it at Wikisource or download free from Feedbooks.

The Statement of Randolph Carter is about Randolph Carter who is being questioned by the police about his friend Harley Warren and recounts an strange and unusual story.

These story has adapted into an animated short Eldritch Animation
It is a great adaptation and you can view it on their youtube page.
Click here to watch The Statement of Randolph Carter

They have modernized it a little bit and there is a few differences from the original story, but still its the best adaptation of the story till this date.

The Statement of Randolph Carter is not the only Lovecraft adaptation that Eldritch Animation made they have also adapted The Terrible Old Man

The Terrible Old Man can also be read on Wikisource

This is a very short story so I don't want to reveal anything about the story to those who haven't read it yet.
You can watch Eldritch Animation's adaptation on youtube.
To watch The Terrible Old Man Click Here

There are also so original animation out on the web too like Deadtime Stories which is uploaded on youtube by a user named 'minordemon'

The description says its a "Pilot for animated horror series."
But no other episode has been upload till date even through it has generated a great positive response.
To watch Deadtime Stories Click Here

The story is not much explained in the episode, its quite weird and bizarre.
The episode is about a young girl who is disturbed my her nightmares and has been recently released from asylum.
She is back to her parents house and her home makes her go to the house across the street to say 'Hello' but she hears strange screams from that house.

Moving away from the Animation there is also another adaptation of The Statement of Randolph Carter uploaded on youtube by a user named DRW90.
Its a live action adaptation, not as good as Eldritch Animation's animated short but still very good.
Check it out by Clicking Here

Moving back to animation there is an youtube user named katytowell
This user has made many great animated shorts, mostly featuring creepy yet cute little girl.
One of my favorite is El Despertar
Think of it as and Mexican twisted to Pied Piper story with samba and zombies.

And there is also another great video by katytowell is Candy
Click Here to watch Candy

Its an Halloween special and a great little video.

Another Halloween video is The Black Halloween
Click here to watch The Black Halloween

But the best story from katytowell would be Ida's Luck
Click here to watch Ida's Luck (Part 1)
Click here to Watch Ida's Lick (Part 2)

These are some of the great Web Originals out there hope you like the list.
There are tons of more of these out there on the web just need to be searched.