Friday, July 4, 2014

World’s Changed Some Risks now-a-days, It’s more Dangerous not to take ‘em

Friday, June 13, 2014

Fear leads to anger
Anger leads to hate
Hate leads to passion
Passion leads to Strength
Strength leads to power
Power leads to victory
And through victory, my chains are broken. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dreams of Cthulhu

Dreams of Cthulhu:

Those who have heard The Music of Erich Zann will understand The Statement of Randolph Carter in which he describes his Dreams in the Witch House about The Colour Out of Space shown to him by The Shadow Out of time

Monday, April 9, 2012



Willoughby a poem by Abhay Adil
Inspired from "The Twilight Zone” episode “A stop at Willoughby”

In the journey of life
A man searching for light

In the coldness of the world
And emptiness of the heart
is there any place with goodness and grace?
Where one can break free

A place where a man can be what he wants to be
A place high above in heaven
After the long journey of life
A man can slow down for a peaceful rest

Searching and searching all his life
Can’t find a simple spot for rest
Living in the chest of broken glass
And all the hope is lost

He finally found a place to rest
The salience he got at last
Away from the dreadful voices
From whom he wanted to depart

Love that he never got
Delight he never saw
Unappreciated and deceived
Is what he feels

The darkness filled his dreams
Crushing his heart and making him scream

He left this place and walked of the ledge
Towards the shinning place with happy face
To finally find his place
On a stop called Willoughby

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Were House vol. 1

The concept of werewolves has regained its mainstream acknowledgement which had been fading in the recent past, however at present times werewolf literature has changed its tone from horror genre to more teen oriented genres, or to the realms of fantasy.

Were House: vol.1 is a refreshing return to the horror roots of were creatures, it does not feature werewolves.
Were House: volume 1 contains three gripping tales of three mesmerizing were-creatures.
The graphic anthology is wholly illustrated by Vivek Goel in stellar black and white one-shots and written by three talented writers.

Its a great comic book to have if you enjoy horror graphic novels. Its only thirty pages long, so its technically not a graphic novel but a comic book. It would be fallowed by vol. 2 however it would not be releasing soon, perhaps in the late 2012. I got in touch with Vivek Goel the illustrator and CEO of publisher Holy Cow Entertainment, he said that currently they are over loaded with work. They are currently working on their famous Ravanayan series and the upcoming graphic novel Skull Rosary. 

I would not include much information about the plots of the stories for the benefit of the readers.

It starts off with a captivating introduction by Pawan Soni in which he talk about the were creatures and were house, his insightful intro sets the mood right.

Each story is followed by a brief note about the story by their authors, in which they describe there inspiration for the story, their reasons to choose the particular animal and others things.

First story is called "Guardian Demon" written by Akshay Dhar.

Guardian Demon is set in ancient India, the year is 990 A.D. and the place is an verdant Kashmir valley.

Guardian Demon showcase show-leopard, its a story that has common backdrop of good vs evil plot.
In the story were-leopards are the good guys, the story telling and narration is good saving for a few errors.
The landscapes and the visual treatment is the strongest feature of the story, it is also the best drawn story of the three. The story as mythological background is he carry superbly through out till the end.

Second story is called "Mousetrap" written by Soumya Das.

Mousetrap is set in contemporary time, it's a utter horror story.

Its my favorite of the three, the story is a well paced and simple. I can't reveal much about the story as it will spoil the story through I can say that it features rats this time.

The story has a good amount of blood and gore. It also suffers from few mistakes which forgivable taking in consideration that the publication is just starting up. Some of the cells in this stories seems replicated.
Still it is the strongest story of the lot. 

Third and last story is called "It's a Dog's Death" written by Shweta Taneja.

It's a Dog's Death is set in the future, story is of a day in apocalyptic Indian subcontinent.

The origins of were dogs is explained in the science fiction as a redesign of human DNA, the pemises of that of humanity vs the machine which is not new however this story will not disappoint you. Its a good little tale, I enjoyed reading it.

Were House vol. 1 is a good graphic anthology through I would have been better if it was saved from the few mistakes. I also comes cheap at 80 Indian Rupees its a great deal. The quality of the drawing is superb and the stories are great.

Were House vol. 1 is available within India at many dealing stores including Flipkart.
Internationally I can be purchased directly from the publishers by e-mailing them at or you can get to them through there Facebook page.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Deathworld by Harry Harrison

Deathworld is an great novel from the Golden Age of Science Fiction.
Written by Harry Harrison for Astounding Science Fiction(which is now known as Analog Science Fiction and Fact)

Harry Harrison, an science fiction author best known for his character Stainless Steel Rat and his humorous and satirical approach to science fiction. He started his career as an illustrator for EC Comics, he also wrote comic strip including Flash Gordon newspaper comic strip.
But currently he is more known for this contribution to science fiction as an author, his most famous works include the Stainless Steel Rat series, 1966 novel Make Room! Make Room!, 1962 novel Planet of The Damned and of course Deathworld his 1960 masterpiece.

It is an amazing story that grips you, I read it in 2 days because I just couldn't put it down.

Its quite an epic tale that moves in a great flow and the details are mesmerizing, specially the details of Planet Pyrrus(Deathworld).

Deathworld 1966 novel is about a planet called Pyrrus,

Pyrrus has twice of Earth's gravity and an 42° axial tilt which creates severe weatherand causes constantly changing icecap,
It highly tectonic resulting in frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,
the open seas perform dual destructive function of supplying water vapor  to keep the weather going and build gigantic tides,
Pyrrus' two moons Samas and Bessos pull the oceans up to thirty meter tides which sometimes laps into active volcano,
plus the planet is near many supernovas,
and over that this harsh condition gave way to evolution of the most dangerous kind to life forms.

Story is about a protagonist named Jason dinAlt, a professional gambler who is challenged by Kerk Pyrrus the ambassador of Pyrrus to turn a large sum of money into an immense sum of money, in which he succeed and decide to accompany Kerk to his home despite his warnings.

Story moves from an pleasure planet called Cassylia where Jason meets Kerk and tells him about Planet Pyrrus, from here we first learn about Pyrrus. The events on Planet Cassylia are also a pleasure to read how Jason gamble there and wins then authorities try to stop him from leaving the planet with the money.
The anticipation about Pyrrus builds up a lot at this point and keeps growing even in the transit part of the story when they are en route to Pyrrus. And when finally when they land on Pyrrus it lives up to all the hype and anticipation.
I will not go much into the plot so those who haven't read it yet.

Currently it is available in public domain as an extensive research by Project Gutenberg did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.

Deathworld is the name of the 1960 novel as well as the series.

followed by:
Deathworld 2 in 1964
Deathworld 3 in 1968
Return to Deathworld in 1998
Deathworld vs. Filibusters also in 1998
The Creatures from Hell in 1999
Deathworld 7 / Foes in Intelligence in 2001

Deathworld 1
Deathworld 2
Deathworld 3

These are the part of Original Deathworld Trilogy from 60s.

However the author has written additional novels in continuation, these are the ones that I have mentioned.
I checked it on wikipedia as well as the author's official website.
These are however written with collaboration with Ant Skalandis in Russian and still remained untranslated in English.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Web Originals Horror Shorts

Web Originals
or Web Television

Currently the concept of web originals have expanded earlier people thought internet would not take over T.V.
It still hasn't but catching up, thanks to video hosting websites like Youtube.

Recently Mortal Kombat: Legacy concluded with uploading of the ninth and final episode on Machinima's youtube page.

If you haven't seen this series then you should its awesome and to my knowledge one of the best web original.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy was produced by WB with a good budget.
But is that all, aren't there anymore good shows or shorts on youtube that is not comedy.
And there are many youtube users and studio with good quality humor videos.

But what about us, those who like a little violence, horror and action.
I am sure there are many people thinking that.

The answer yes there are not as grand as Mortal Kombat: Legacy with high budget but still pretty decent.

I will list some of them here:

I will not include any spoilers in these post so I will keep details about the stories to the minimum.

Firstly I would like to list and animated adaptation of 'The Statement of Randolph Carter'.
The Statement of Randolph Carter is a short horror story written by horror master H.P. Lovecraft, currently this short is in public domain so you can read it at Wikisource or download free from Feedbooks.

The Statement of Randolph Carter is about Randolph Carter who is being questioned by the police about his friend Harley Warren and recounts an strange and unusual story.

These story has adapted into an animated short Eldritch Animation
It is a great adaptation and you can view it on their youtube page.
Click here to watch The Statement of Randolph Carter

They have modernized it a little bit and there is a few differences from the original story, but still its the best adaptation of the story till this date.

The Statement of Randolph Carter is not the only Lovecraft adaptation that Eldritch Animation made they have also adapted The Terrible Old Man

The Terrible Old Man can also be read on Wikisource

This is a very short story so I don't want to reveal anything about the story to those who haven't read it yet.
You can watch Eldritch Animation's adaptation on youtube.
To watch The Terrible Old Man Click Here

There are also so original animation out on the web too like Deadtime Stories which is uploaded on youtube by a user named 'minordemon'

The description says its a "Pilot for animated horror series."
But no other episode has been upload till date even through it has generated a great positive response.
To watch Deadtime Stories Click Here

The story is not much explained in the episode, its quite weird and bizarre.
The episode is about a young girl who is disturbed my her nightmares and has been recently released from asylum.
She is back to her parents house and her home makes her go to the house across the street to say 'Hello' but she hears strange screams from that house.

Moving away from the Animation there is also another adaptation of The Statement of Randolph Carter uploaded on youtube by a user named DRW90.
Its a live action adaptation, not as good as Eldritch Animation's animated short but still very good.
Check it out by Clicking Here

Moving back to animation there is an youtube user named katytowell
This user has made many great animated shorts, mostly featuring creepy yet cute little girl.
One of my favorite is El Despertar
Think of it as and Mexican twisted to Pied Piper story with samba and zombies.

And there is also another great video by katytowell is Candy
Click Here to watch Candy

Its an Halloween special and a great little video.

Another Halloween video is The Black Halloween
Click here to watch The Black Halloween

But the best story from katytowell would be Ida's Luck
Click here to watch Ida's Luck (Part 1)
Click here to Watch Ida's Lick (Part 2)

These are some of the great Web Originals out there hope you like the list.
There are tons of more of these out there on the web just need to be searched.