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10 Reasons why DC cinematic universe is going to be great

There are many naysayers out there who says DC cinematic is destined to doom but many others also believe that DC's cinematic universe is headed on the path of glory and here are 10 reasons why

Number 1: DC≠Batman/Superman

As many of us know that DC publish some of the most amazing story with a great cast of characters, but for decades Hollywood had only produced Batman and Superman movies while other great superheroes had no silver screen offerings.
But now finally after half a century we will finally get a line-up of many other superheroes for the first time. Since they have the rights to most of their characters they will have no problems with right and can expand the current line-up further as much as they want. Think about the phase 2 of this series it can be as much close to DC as it can be without worrying about intellectual properties. Marvel is facing this problem right now for their Civil War story line which will be adapted to Captain America 3, Civil War is a big crossover story with many Marvel characters in important role like The X-men and Spider Man whose right Marvel studios doesn’t have.

Current line-up is:
1 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
2 Suicide Squad (2016)
3 Wonder Woman (2017)
4 Justice League Part One (2017)
5 The Flash (2018)
6 Aquaman (2018)
7 Shazam (2019)
8 Justice League Part Two (2019)
9 Cyborg (2020)
10 Green Lantern (2020)

Number 2: Realism

Call it a Nolan trend but ever since Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy came out it changed the whole Superhero genre of movies. The realistic imagination of the superheroes is the current trend that almost everyone is adapting to, Man of Steel the first of the DC movie followed on the same path and while many would put this movie down it still combined superpowers in realism magnificently. While we like to remember and still enjoy the old incarnations the new slightly darker tone is what the people want now and apart from movies many other fine products have been produced on the same trend like The CW's Arrow. For DC this trend has been savior before Nolan’s Batman Begins the movie series was in ruin with no movie after Batman & Robin in 1997 for 8 years, and let’s not forget The Dark Knight probably the best superhero movie till date.

Number 3: DC Television Universe!?

If you are a DC fan then you are probably following the TV shows based on DC characters, which started with CW's Arrow in 2012 and was dubbed as a spiritual copy of the Nolan's trilogy. But soon it became a hit show in its own right and followed by other DC series like The Flash and Gotham that expand the DC’s presence on the small screen. There is also Constantine but since he is exorcist not a superhero and vertigo the imprint of DC let's leave him out.
The matter of fact is these show are doing amazingly well and that shows the potential in the DC universe. CW is already has Arrow and The Flash crossing over with each other and doing a great job at it, the tone of both shows is slightly different but still they do not feel mistuned together in fact both seems like one series all together.
Moreover more shows are in the line Vixen animated show is in development and there is an live-action show based on Teen Titans titles 'Titans' for TNT. Also CW is possibly looking into another spin-off from Arrow to be based on A.T.O.M.   

Number 4: Batman V Superman

Ok so I have said that DC is just more than just Batman and Superman but still this will be the first time they will share screen space together. Till date there is no live-action media that has both Batman and Superman together (Not counting fan films) and from all the updates from the sets and studio one can guess is going take cue from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Since it is a verses story it will be amazing to see both of them fighting it out, one a powerful alien with incredible powers and other a mortal man with his wits and tactics going one-on-one.
There is a long debate who’ll win a fight between Batman and Superman and this movie plays on that, it’s still some time till we can see what the final result will be but one thing is sure fans do want to see it played out.

Number 5: The Darker Edge

DC has always been producing darker theme storylines for decades and that has been their USP and their way of presenting these stories has been well praised. This gives them an edge that draws more emotional involvement from the audience with their engaging stories. However DC and WB should keep in mind to go more on the route of Arkham games rather than Nolan trilogy. Arkham games are simply one of the best games out there that has place for a wide array of villains and the realistic environment doesn’t does push it away from its comics. Unlike Nolan’s trilogy which has no place for villains like Clayface or Killer Croc Arkham turn loose with all the comics' imaginations. By that DC cinematic universe can be the biggest offering of not only the heroes but also villains that’ll put up a show of some of the greatest battles in superhero history.

Number 6: Multiverse

The producers have announced that Ezra Miller will be playing The Flash in 2018 movie while Grant Gustin is playing The Flash in the CW's TV series. To sort it out it is explained that both cinematic universe and the TV universe are part of the multiverse. This means that Ezra Miller’s Flash is the different dimension version running parallel to Grant Gustin’s dimension.
What this could mean is in the future maybe a crossover can be done between them in cross dimension story which has been pretty great in the comics. Imagine both Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin as Flash running sideways through the Speed Force shattering the dimensional barrier.
Cross dimension stories have been some of the major crossover stories in comics like the Crisis on Infinite Earths and Flashpoint storylines. Imagine what Hollywood can do with them it can be done on a whole new level and on a grand scale that can be nothing short of an epic.

Number 7: Wonder Woman

Finally in 2017 we will get a Wonder Woman movie and it's really overdue. She is not only the first female superhero but also one of the most famous superhero in comic book history, yet she still doesn't have her own movie. Collectively Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman are known as the DC trinity and these along with Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter are the founding members of the Justice League. So you can guess how important of a Gal Gadot’s role as Wonder Woman will be in the entire series. It’s time that we get a Wonder Woman movie she has many great story lines in the past that can make a mark in the entire DC cinematic universe. Not only is she important but also one of the strongest superhero in DC, what else can you say about a woman who can go toe-to-toe with superman.

Number 8: Young Justice

In the past DC's Animated series have done tremendously well from the Batman and Superman’s separate animated TV shows to Justice League animated TV show to the current direct-to-video animated movies. The recently cancelled Young Justice was probably the most appreciated and most watched DC animated show focusing on the heroes’ sidekicks who grow out of their mentors shadows and form their own team. Since it was cancelled after only 2 seasons even after a wide acclaim it has left a void which can be filled by the current cinematic line-up.
While there is no standalone movie for the sidekicks they can make their mark along their senior superhero mentors. Same as the senior members made their appearances in Young Justice, we know in Batman V Superman Ben Affleck is playing a older version of Batman so it's like he may have Robin with him and other sidekicks can also appear along with their mentors. Maybe we will get a great Wally West.

Number 9: Justice League

Justice League is the best known superhero team with some of the most powerful heroes in DC so the excitement is quite high since not one but two Justice League movies have been announced for 2017 and 2019. The best superheroes in DC are coming together to fight a threat that they alone can't fight what can be greater than that. Superheroes are great but superhero team are even more great, take Marvel's Avengers or Guardians of The Galaxy for example they are such amazing movies and now imagine the team of DC's finest together and you get the idea.
Justice League animated TV show was such a huge hit and living up to that can be a taunting task and if done right could become a great movie. The biggest challenge for the studio would be to fit all the characters together so every character has equal importance and not become a Superman and Batman centered movies with other characters thrown in.

Number 10: Effort

DC and WB is in a tight spot not only are they facing competition from the Marvel cinematic universe that is doing tremendously well but also facing backlashes from the fans on the current flow of things. First Man of Steel the first of the DC cinematic universe movie has a mixed response over that the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman received with a lot of criticism. With all this in play the studio is doing all it can to create hype for the future line-up particularly for the Batman v Superman, from the updates from the movie sets to press releases they are leaving no stone untouched.
Now with all this hype build up it’s their responsibility to live up to this hype and according to current news both DC and WB are putting in a lot of effort into it.
Perhaps DC cinematic universe will become one of the greatest movie series of all time let’s hope and wait.

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