Monday, April 11, 2011

Marvel Anime Review

Marvel Anime, the joint venture of Marvel Entertainment and Madhouse.
Those who does not know this project is to take marvel characters and make 12-part anime series.
Sounds exciting? Well it is, there are four shows plan of 12 episodes.

It is an old news, trailers of Iron Man and Wolverine anime were released a few months ago.
Currently we are half way through the project, as Iron Man and Wolverine anime have already been concluded.
And currently X-men anime is underway with 2 episodes been broadcast.

I had great hopes for this project and the trailers were so awesome.
Then finally Iron Man anime was brought out into public view, and it was a complete massacre.
First of all the anime didn't look anything liked the trailer.
If you haven't seen the trailer then click here
Now the trailer looks quite good with great 3d animation and the looks are somewhat futuristic.
This trailer makes you want to watch this show, but the final product is nothing like that.
The first episode was so pathetic that I didn't even bother to watch any other episode.
The story seems to be going no where, I know you can't make such a judgement based on only one episode.
But I was so disappointed in that episode that I couldn't help myself.
What they did to Tony, God it was such a bad animation.
But the worst part was the awful narrative approach.

Well Iron Man was a nightmare but their are other shows in the line up too.
Second was Wolverine

Wolverine anime was not that bad, it had a ok-ok narration plus the story was good too.
Animation was hard to shallow but bearable.
But again it was different from what the trailer showed, in fact it's completely different.
If you haven't seen the trailer then click here
WTF?! The Trailer is so awesome, it has anime style Wolverine fighting ninjas and demons.
And it looks like feudal Japan. But in the anime Wolverine design is changed a lot.
The slim version of Wolverine looked good in the trailer but in the anime looked just odd.
The story was good through, it explored Logan's relationship with Mariko.
Logan and Mariko loves each other but his yakuza lord father doesn't want them together.
So Logan fights yakuza and few other marvel villians get involved.
From demons to yakuza, quite a big leap don't you think?
Honestly I only made it till the first 5 episodes only

Now X-men Anime
Well for starters check out the X-Men Anime Trailer
This Anime came out during the Japan Nuclear Crises resulting from the Tsunami.
May God have mercy and help the people of Fukushima.
This anime came out during crises like a phoenix.
There is still problems in Japan and we all should pray for them.

X-men Anime
The trailer is epic, just epic and fortunately the anime is same as the trailer.
The scenes in the trailer are actually in the anime.
The Story is intense and emotionally charged, the animation is mind blowing.
The opening scene is so awesome, we see Jean in her phoenix form and everything is in chaos.
We see bulky wolverine this time with Storm, Cyclops and Beast.
And professor Xavier back at cerebro.
Everyone is looking stunning. Great anime style animation with an american touch.
The story is that the X-men are informed that a mutant girl named Hisako Ichiki has been kidnapped.
Tohoku region from where she had disappeared shows no signs of mutants to cerebro.
So X-men head to Japan to investigate and discover that the U-men are involved.

X-men anime is truly amazing and I will watch every episode this time.
Currently 2 episodes out and 3rd will be broadcast in Japan on 15th April.
I am waiting for the rest of the series and praying for Japan.
Hope you will also pray and watch this anime.

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