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Short Story: And It came from the sky

Short Story: And It came from the sky
Abhay Adil

The short story "And It came from the sky" is a science fiction horror story about an alien invasion with an twist. This story is also available free to download from feedbooks in ebub, pdf and mobi(kindle) formats.
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And It came fron he sky

  It was an incident that changed the world. For a long time people wondered a simple question 'Are we alone in this universe?' now they wonder no more as this question has been answered in the most horrific fashion imaginable.

   It was an incident that shocked the world a simple comet dared to come near earth, the scientist and astronomers said the same thing; its tiny size would not allow it to penetrate much into the atmosphere. Soon it started to show unnatural movements, it slowed its speed, it changed its course, and it did everything that a natural comet should not.

   It entered the earth's atmosphere and crashed on the surface and later it rose up and left in the same way.

   And that everyone could do was just watch, except for the few unfortunates. All this happened in the course of one day through it had been discovered months ago by the astronomers.

   Everything happened too fast, it was in the orbit on it natural course to burn out when suddenly it started to wander away from its path and displayed variations in its speed. It crashed on a vegetated region, after crashing it started to deflate and spread out onto the surface expending itself on the land. It stood there deflated for nearly half an hour. At that time authorities had gather around it and many scientists of various field came to study the matter that crashed for the sky.

   It had an odd gray-green colour tone and appears to feel like both metallic and rubber. Only a few people got to observe it as it only stood idle for near half an hour, most of the scientists that were meant to study it could not reach it in time. Some did try to collect small specimens but it proved to be virtually indestructible, it wouldn't cut, break or tore.

   Nearly half an hour after the crash it started to show some movements, little wobbles were observed and soon its surface started to sink in itself as if it was swallowing itself but it was open up to reveal that it was indeed hollow from inside concealing dark void, but it wasn't empty.

   As the people looked on in wonder, a few curious creatures came out of the opening. They seemed to be made up of the same material as the comet but more organic, they seemed somewhat humanoid as they walk on a pair of legs and had a pair of hands but no head and seemed somewhat more octopoid. There bodies looked as if they were still trying to take shape.

   Soon various other opening started occurring in similar fashion all over the spread comet. More of these being came out from other openings as well and soon there numbers grew large. People who witness this were awe struck they didn't knew what to do? What to expect? What to do whether to fear or to welcome them? How to communicate?

   For sometime they just stood their and the people wondered what to do? After a few moments they moved around and started grabbing plants pulling them out of the ground and take them inside. More appeared from the comet as they started to move in harmonic manner as they started taking plants, shrubs, bushes and even trees into the comet with swift and powerful movements. Everyone was confused and just looked on, but soon this activity turned horrific as they started grabbing humans as well.

   Solders were also present at that scene, they opened fired on the beings but to no avail, bullets had no affect on them, they keep moving in the same harmonic manner grabbing everything and everyone, they even grabbed the solders as well as the animals. They moved at astonishing speeds and displayed great amount of strength, they were grabbing only the organic matter. There was a great panic all over, people tried to run away falling and stepping on each other. There was no escaping these things they displayed unmatched speed and strength. They were invariable to anything we could throw at them they resisted every thing with ease.

   Military men did everything they could they tried their best weapons against them, giant cannons, tanks, helicopters, jets, all failed. It was like throwing little stones at rocks. They continued the activity in the same harmonic fashion as before like nothing was happening.

   They striped a large area of plants, trees, grass, animals and humans. They were too fast for anything we could use to run away they keep moving further and further striping the land.

   Military even dropped a nuke on them hoping to destroy the comet and those creatures but even it didn’t have any effect on it either. It was clear then that we were hopeless in front of them, the nuke only made them reach further to great lengths to strip thousands of acres of land of all its vegetation and animals, humans included.

   Then they left, they left as they came. Every one of those creatures went back inside the comet and it closed up, it took some time before it inflated itself up again. After it had inflated back to it original shape it flew back to space leaving Earth scarred.

   Upon observation of the crater formed from the impact it was discovered that they dumped a few people, animals and vegetation before its takeoff. Many were just the little remains of them, corpus oddly decayed and burned but some were still alive. Those who were alive were all well physically but mentally they were scarred as was the whole humanity was scarred.

   The survivors told that had been taken inside the comet and thrown in a pit full of something organic and slimy. There they were shallow in like it was quicksand it was almost like being inside the belly of a beast. They said that when they were inside that thing they felt as if they could feel its conscious, the conscious of the comet, it was alive like a big living organic ship and it shared its conscious with the beings it host. They could feel their conscious as well through they had separate conscious it was as if they were parts of the ships conscious like they had been separated from it and developed differently. They even felt the conscious of the other people inside the pit as well as those of the animals and even those of the plants.

   They learned from the comet’s conscious that it needs organic material to fuel itself and when ever it starts to run out on fuel it lands on any near by planet to gather organics to refuel. They were left because the present need for fuel was fulfilled.

   This horrific indecent answered some questions but raised many more. Yes we are not alone in this universe. The universe hosts creatures like we witnessed and creatures that it may had consumed before.
   A lot of questions are remained to be answered, how can we protect our self? Can this happen to us again? Are there more such things?

   Through these questions are remained unanswered some questions are answer, we are not alone and we are helpless, maybe there are some friendly one perhaps like us those who had suffered a similar fate but some are hostile and dangerous like the one we encountered.


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